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Lily & Trixy
I have been using Pampered Pooch Petcare, for over 5 years now, when I lived in Centreville, Brandy & her team would come walk Lily & Trixy , my girls while I worked, and if I traveled, she would stay overnite & give them round the clock care. I recently moved to my new house in Sterling, and Brandy travels up to stay with my girls here now, she is always reliable and ready to help when I need her . I love knowing my house is not left unoccupied while I travel, but lived in & my girls are safe & sound at home.
I highly recommend Brandy & her dedicated team! You may contact me via
email ,,,,, sincerely Yvonne H.

Hello there,,,Im Herc the orange kitty, and very friendly, my sister Tia is not! ( lol),,she only lets our pet parents pet her.  Brandy & her ladies have been taking care of us since, well lets see,,,,before we came around,,,, they kitty sat Bali, a beautiful domestic kitty my pet parents loved very much! When we were adopted Brandy came over with 2 other nice ladies to meet us , and since then when our pet parents travel we are well taken care of.  I suddenly had seizures when I got older &, since then all the ladies know how to give me my medicine syringe 3 times a day, and even spend the night sometimes, to just make sure they are able to med me on time, 5am/2pm/10pm. The ladies are all so nice to make sure I get my medicine right on time!,,, Herc

I'm A.K. and my older sister behind me is Coco! We are rat terriers and our doggie walkers Brandy & Becky are the BEST! They take us on good walks, and Brandy comes to stay over with us when my mom & dad travel to Asia far away,, we sure missed them, but Brandy made us dinner and gave us treats & walks, and had slumber parties with movies and cuddle time each night so we were pretty contend when my parents came home!!,,, A.K.

Hi, Im Leila,,,,, the friendly golden!
They say Im the sweetest girl ever,,,, I quess its cause I get so excited when Sue, Rhonda & Stephanie my  walkers come to visit with me, and take me walking in the afternoons!
My mom & dad, Bruce & Shari, have been using Pampered Pooch Services for me, since I was real little. Brandy came to meet me 1st at our old house, to be my daily walker, we would play ball in the yard & I grew up fast. Then we moved & Brandy & her team still visited me, its was very comforting for me to still have them with me. One day, I got into a hornet nest, before Brandy arrived to walk me,,,, she knew right away, I was not well, she said I looked like I had 3 tennis balls in my mouth. Well, I sure didn't feel  good, being stung on my whole mouth!!  Brandy got me in her car right away & took me to the nice folks at Pender Vet Clinic in Fair lakes,,,who got me fixed up right away!!
Mom & Dad use PPPetcare  for all kinds of service, mid-day walks for me & Overnite Service for their big trips for me & my 2 Feline brothers Clyde & Limbo!. The folks at PPPetcare are GRREEAATT!!
signed Leila ( the sweetest golden ever,,,,,or at least thats what they say)

Here we are,,,, walking with Brandy our doggie walker.,,( I'm the border collie mix on the right,, my name is Sammy & Lily my sis on the left is more of a lab, with a flat coat, not like my curly coat.  We are "brother & sister" but not related! Ed my dad & I were close best buddies,,, and still are but he thought it was time for a little sister playmate for me to run around the back yard with and play! He saw Brandys email about a liter of lab mix puppies that didn't have a good start to their life, they were neglected, but adorable, and dad saw the email with a picture of Lily and thought,,, she looks like a perfect little sister for Sammy boy! Brandy contacted Miss. Martin, the nice lady client of PPPetcare who also does dog rescue and it all worked out wonderful , Lily was adopted by our family & she & I are never apart,,, Sammy

We have been using PPPetcare, for our kittys for over 10 years, when Brandy cared for our 1st kitty Amanda! We then got 2 exotic Bengel kittys named Ricky ( seen here) and Tristan our Snow Leopard who has sadly passed on, and we now just have our boy Ricky. The nice ladies at PPP come over to visit with Ricky, feed him & give him some company while we travel. They also bring in the mail, packages, water our plants and leave us nice detailed notes at each visit. We are so appreciative to be able to travel and know our kitty Ricky & our home are well taken care of, its a great peace of mind to us! John & Carol W.