Brandy with Bunny girl & Mac

In 1997,,,,, Brandy started walking dogs in her neighborhood for friends & neighbors, while attending graduate school in Wash. DC. ,,,it was not only fun, but good exercise and could be done between class & studies. She realized how rewarding it was to be able to work with dogs daily,,,, being outdoors meeting new clients and passing out her business cards, and how much she didn't want to work in an office after all. Her business took off and had to eventually hire some help with the dog walks & cat sits, so she could balance being in the field & also run her office !

To this day,,, Brandy will tell you "I would rather be out walking the doggies, than working in the office"!!

You will still see Brandy ,,,, out walking dogs, waving to her clients and attending "Meet & Greets" with her staff of "Petsitters & Dog Walkers" ! She makes it her goal to meet each &  every new dog & cat her company has, and jumps in to help with cat sits & doggie walks as often as she can!

They say "do what you love, and it never feels like work!"

How true that is,,,,,,

Brandy & Malley

Malley chocolate lab at 3 months old with Mommy,,,,  "My baby girl"

Mac,,,, AKA Momma's Boy!!

Mac loves to swim,,,,, maybe its just a Lab thing?

Mac & Malley,,,, did someone say Snow Day?

Dogs are just furry kids,,,,,, they love to play, nap and eat good food,,, just like us!!

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