"Winter Wear" Fashion Show,,,,,,

  "what everyone is wearing this season"                

We hope you enjoy our fashionable "Pooch Photo Page" for Winter 2017

Have your pup featured here too, just send us your pictures!


Lily says,,,," Orange is the NEW Black"

Do these gloves make me look little? (JuJu)

Ok Ok,,, take the picture now,,, I look perfect!!,,, (Lotta )

Pajama Party,,, WAIT !!!

I'm the ONLY one in PJs!!!

Most Original ,,,,,,lol          (Petey)

" Mom,,,, you expect me to wear this? I look like I should be on Star Wars!!! ( Georgie boy).

"I know , I know,,,,, Pretty in Pink!!,,,, (Love Bug)

Most Animal Like,,,,, ( Lotta)

Heidi,,,,, Who???

Most Elegant,,,,, ( Shyla)

Nigel says,,,,, "I got a reindeer on my back"!!

Petey "Dressed up & Somewhere to go!!